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The website www.danisharts.info collects information on Danish art and culture outside Denmark’s borders and compiles information from the Danish Arts Agency, the Danish Arts Council and the Danish Arts Foundation.

The Danish Arts Agency
The Danish Arts Agency is an administrative unit under the auspices of the Danish Ministry of Culture. Among other things, the agency acts as secretariat for the Danish Arts Foundation and the Danish Arts Council and administers international cultural exchange in the visual arts, literature, music, and theatre as well as the presentation of Denmark as a cultural nation.
Read about the Danish Arts Agency at Danisharts.info 

The Danish Arts Council
The Danish Arts Council promotes artistic development in Denmark and Danish art abroad. The Council’s two principal tasks are to provide support for artistic endeavours within the fields of literature, the performing arts, the visual arts and music and to advise public authorities regarding matters within the Council's sphere of activity.
Read about the Danish Arts Council at DanishArts.info

The Danish Arts Foundation
The Danish Arts Foundation promotes Danish creative arts. The Foundation's area of activity includes the visual arts, literature, music, crafts and design, architecture, cinema, and theatre, as well as other comparable forms of creative art that do not have other avenues for state support.
Read about the Danish Arts Foundation at DanishArts.info

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