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Biography about Helle Helle

In 2005, Helle Helle (born in 1965) published her third novel, Rødby-Puttgarden. The first edition was sold out in 2 weeks and, like the rest of her writings, the book has received very good re-views. The title refers to the ferry route between Denmark and Germany, where the novel’s two protagonists, sisters named Jane and Tine, work in a fragrance boutique. As is often the case in Helle Helle’s books, not much happens in Rødby-Puttgarden, but the subtle description of small, everyday occurrences, registering the drama lurking beneath the surface, is razor-sharp. Helle Helle does not write what people would ordinarily call page-turners, but that is the way people read them.

Helle Helle went to the Danish Writers’ School in Copenhagen from 1989-91 and debuted in 1993 with a collection of short prose Eksempel på liv.

An alphabetical guide to Danish writers who have received literary recognition, or whose biographies have appeared in literary reference books. Details include first books published, literature and links concerning the writer, and biographical writing in book form.

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