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Reviews about Helle Helle

On Example of Life
The stories become small sharp pieces in a description of the life in the streets surrounding us, and Helle Helle has an eye for both the tragedy and the comedy in the pent-up life. Her Example of Life is a splendid debut, which underlines the impression that prose is on its way to new glory and dignity with the young authors of the ’90s.

Anne-Marie Mai in Fyens Stiftstidende, 24 September 1993

On Remnants
It must have been hard for Helle Helle to write the follow-up to her debut Example of Life, which was a brilliant little book full of small clear-eyed absurd pieces about the world and everyday life that eminently folded around itself. And didn’t give any promises to the future, because they fulfilled all that they promised on the spot. One asked oneself how does one go on from a so perfectly constructed dead end.
Helle Helles answer to the impossible request is both surprising and obvious: She has become a realist. Her new book Remnants contains twelve simple and clear minimalistic realistic short stories about the trouble the generation around thirty is having with the meaning and meaninglessness of life… But just as easily and straightforwardly and transparently the short stories speak (and how hard that style is to observe one naturally always tends to forget), just as violently a wild and uncontrollable silence rushes up through their gaps.

Lars Bukdahl in Weekendavisen, 13 September 1996

On House and Home
Heaven and hell! To think that books are still written like that: limpid realism with vibrating undertones. Humdrum and devotion! (…) The composition of ”House and Home” is carried out with talent. Small shock effects are placed in an authentic chain of events with a balanced ending (…) Otherwise it is Danish superrealism in the year 1999. And a first-class love story. From this day forward Helle Helle is more than a talent.

John Chr. Jørgensen in Ekstra Bladet, 26 March 1999

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