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Books in Brief – news flashes about Danish literature. Right now in the Literature Centre – brief news relating to the Literature Centre’s international activities.

The Danish Literary Magazine Spring 07 is now online

In this issue, you can read about:

Travelling the World - Carsten Jensens new book sold worldwide
The Tremulous life of the Moment - Herman Bang, an everlasting classic
Terror across Denmark - Crime fiction dealing with terror, now and then
Three Female Poets - Pia Tafdrup wins the "little" Nobel Prize

...and much more about new novels, short stories and children's literature of the Spring Season.

Read the entire magazine: www.danishliterarymagazine.info

Books in Brief | Danish Literary Invasion of England | 21-05-2007
Leif Davidsen, Janne Teller, Morten Ramsland and Christian Jungersen are participating in the first launch of the the great advance of Danish literature in England. >

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