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Statutes for The Danish Translatorís Prize 2008

The Danish Arts Council’s Literature Committee has established a prize which normally is awarded once a year to a foreign publisher or translator of Danish literature.

The prize is normally in the amount of 15,000 euros.

The aim is to honor and set focus upon the work of publishers and translators on behalf of Danish literature.

The prize can be awarded for a translation of high quality of a work of Danish literature in the genres of belles lettres (prose, poetry, drama, children’s literature) and nonfiction that addresses general culture.  The work must have been published in the country in question within the past three years and must be generally available.

The prize can also be given to a translator or publisher who over an extended period has rendered a substantial effort for Danish literature in countries other than Denmark.

The Danish Arts Council’s Literature Committee selects the language area within which the prize is to be awarded.  The selection of the prize recipient and the award of the prize takes place in cooperation with relevant actors in the language area concerned.  The background for the selection of the recipient is stated individually and in relation to the specific language area.

For 2008, the prize will be awarded for the furtherance of Danish literature in Spanish.

Nominations may be submitted by associations of writers and translators, publishers, booksellers, critics and professors of Danish and Danish agencies in Denmark or other countries.

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