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Danish literature up for discussion in Spain

May 6, 2008

The Danish authors will participate in a variety of roundtable discussions along with Spanish critics, journalists and translators at the cultural centre Círculo de Bellas Artes.

Danish literature is doing quite well at the moment in Spain, where over 20 Danish works will be published during 2008.  Now 8 Spanish publishers have gotten together for a series of events that put the spotlight on Danish literature.

Morten Ramsland begins on May 7 by presenting his novel Hundehoved [Doghead], which has been published in a slew of languages – most recently, Spanish.  Journalist Juan Cruz will lead a discussion with Morten Ramsland, his Spanish publisher Juan Milá, and translator Juan Mari Mendizábal.

The next day, the focus will be on Janne Teller’s Nordic saga Odins ø [Odin’s Island], which the book’s Spanish publisher Maite Cuadros and translator Carmen Freixanet will discuss with the author, moderated by journalist Eva Orúe. Among the other languages in which the novel has been published are English, German, Italian and French.

Knud Romer’s novel Den som blinker er bange for døden [He Who Blinks Is Afraid of Death] will be the topic for conversation on the third day.  This time, Spanish literary critic Mercedes Monmany will lead the discussion between Knud Romer, the book’s Spanish translator Sofía Pascual Pape, and publisher Valeria Bergalli.

The literary evenings will resume this autumn with three other cutting-edge Danish authors.

The events have been arranged by the Spanish publishers, the Spanish Publishers’ Association, the Danish Embassy and Disueño Comunicación.

The Literature Committee of the Danish Arts Council is providing support for these literary events. 


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