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Come write in Denmark!

January 28, 2008

Regardless of whether the writer’s focus is on big city life or the rhythms of nature, it is possible for an international writer to arrange a work-visit to Denmark in the preferred surroundings.

In the capital, Copenhagen Artist in Residence is offering stays of 1-6 months duration to international writers.  Copenhagen AIR provides an apartment and working facilities in the Factory for Art and Design (Fabriken for Kunst og Design) which, in cooperation with Copenhagen County, is sponsoring the project. Read more on www.cphair.dk

In 2008, Hald Hovedgaard, situated in Jutland’s hills and woods, is inviting international writers to stay there during specially-designated international weeks. The Danish Writers and Translators Center in Hald is frequently visited by Danish writers.  Read more about Hald Hovedgaard on www.haldhovedgaard.dk (the website is at present only in Danish).  Or contact Hald in writing at

Read more about the residencies.

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