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Big interest in Danish Books in the U.K.

May 7, 2007

Leif Davidsen, Morten Ramsland, Christian Jungersen and Janne Teller will, during the coming year, tour England to present their books which have been recently published in English-language editions.  Their British publishers have now joined forces to do a joint marketing of their Danish titles.
                      Within a two-year period, nine Danish books will have been issued on the English market.  By comparison, normally two new Danish titles a year come out in the U.K. – and only two percent of the literature published annually there is in translation.
                      Christian Jungersen’s The Exception came out in England to strong reviews in late summer last year and initiated a new wave of Danish literature in English.  In January this year, books by Leif Davidsen and Janne Teller were published.  Morten Ramsland’s book has just been released.  Peter Høeg’s will be out in October, and next year English readers will be seeing names like Peter Adolphsen and Carsten Jensen.
                      The number of Danes on the way to the English market is so remarkable that the English publishing houses involved have now joined forces to market the new wave of Danish titles.  This itself is exceptional.  Normally translated books in England receive little, if any, promotion and publishers rarely work together on this.  The publishers have appointed the literary producer Christine Paris to organize a varied promotional project plan which will aim to make the names of the Danish authors familiar to the English reading public.
                      The initiatives to be taken will include public readings at all of the larger literary festivals in the U.K. – in Edinburgh, Manchester, Cheltenham, and Birmingham – as well as book tours to the various workshops and readings in selected bookshops and libraries throughout England.  The activities will extend throughout the entire year of 2007.
                      The publishers will also promote their own titles individually.  Morten Ramsland’s English publisher has, for example, released an advertising video on the net, a so-called “litvid” which in England is currently viewed as one of the most effective modes of capturing readers and bringing them into the bookshops.
                      The full project will be launched on May 22nd, 2007, at the Royal Danish Embassy in London, where the project and the authors will be presented.
                     The Arts Council of England is the primary sponsor for the book tours.  The Arts Council in Denmark supports both the overall project and the individual promotional arrangements.
                      The Danish Embassy in London is a cooperation partner in the whole project.


For further information, contact the Danish Arts Council’s Literature Center:   Marianne Kruckow, Center Leader, on (+45) 3374 5070, email:

The Literature Center in the Danish Arts Council serves as the secretariat for the Arts Council’s Literature Committee.

Christine Paris can be contacted by telephone at 0044 1242 238585 or on cell phone at 0044 7905 663055


New Danish Titles on the English Market, 2006-2008
Christian Jungersen, The Exception, Weidenfeldt & Nicholson, August 2006
Janne Teller, Odin’s Isle, Grove Atlantic UK, January 2007
Leif Davidsen, The Serbian Dane, Arcadia Books, January 2007
Morten Ramsland, Doghead, Transworld Publishing, April 2007
Peter Høeg, The Silent Girl, Harvill Press, autumn 2007
Peter Adolphsen, Machines,
Harvill, autumn 2007
Carsten Jensen, We, the Drowned, Harvill, spring 2008
In addition:
Marianne Larsen, A Common Language, Oversteps Books, September 2006
Hanne Marie Svendsen, Under the Sun, Norvik Press, autumn 2006

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